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This is an ancient art that becomes entertainment , shadow puppets . This show is highly sought after and original because it involves people of all ages and it is suitable for every type of event, transporting the audience on a magical and fascinating journey. Thanks to a particular technical support the artists show the classical repertoire of the shadows with animals but also the shadows of famous people from the music , television and politic world from the past and present as Harry Potter , Batman, Freddy Mercury Frank Sinatra , Michael Buble , Fidel Castro , Obama and many more! Alessandro and Simone are among the few artists in the world to be able to faithfully reproduce almost any silhouette face in shadow using only their hands and a light. It's also possible to customize the show according to the event that will be performed. The audience will be always involved also by performing a guest profile shadow.



It is an ideal entertainment for conventions , gala dinners , anniversaries and any other situations in which you want to offer the public a show bright but discreet. During the evening, the artists will performed among the guests and will perform in tricks as like : cards , coins , ropes and other more.

Shadows in close-up:

The hand shadows is also present in close up , infect Alessandro and Simone are the only artists in the world to performed the guest profiles in the shade on a canvas using only his hands and a light. As you can see in the pictures the frame is customizable according to the event taking place . Guests, with their smartphone , could take photos of their profile showed in the shade so they will have an unforgettable memory of the event.

Stage magic:

The artists have a magic show that lasts 60 minutes , in which the audiences will be directly involved in a fun and unique show , which will transport you on a journey full of humor and emotion. To cap the show there is the number of shadows " Synfony of the shadows ."