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Teatro in ombra is formed by Alessandro Lanzini and Simone Marino, two young artists that share the same passion for art and entertainment. Alessandro take his first steps into the world of art at the age of fourteen, attending a course of juggling as after school activities.

Soon he meet the Magic-off, magic club of Novara, where he begin his studies of the ancient art of conjuring, which begin shortly thereafter to exercise, first as assistant to the magician Magicus (President of the Magic-off and professional artist for thirty years) and then individually, performing in a variety of situations. At the same time, Alessandro attend courses of naturalist theater, comedy and mime, which help him hone the skills to entertain the public; after graduation he begin to teach theater in some primary schools of Novara. Thanks to Diego Allegri (professional magician and a great friend), Alessandro meet the wonderful art of Chinese shadows, from which he immediately feel overwhelmed and captured.

Facilitated by the dexterity of the hands due to training in magic, Alessandro refine the art of shadows up to be able to repeat, in addition to the animals, just about any silhouette of a human face on the cloth.

Alessandro, in addition to presence at public and private entertainments of all kinds, claim the participation in events such as the Venice Carnival (party Pisani Moretta), Monte Carlo Dinner Night and Ferrara Buskers Festival. Simone, majoring in Political Science with a past working in the economy, meet the magic by pure academic interest, he meet Alessandro through the Magic-off and the two immediately shake a good friendship.

Simone learn from Alessandro the art of shadow puppetry and the two begin to cooperate, until decide to form Teatro in ombra. This brilliant duo performs at corporate parties, both public and private, receiving countless approvals by the audience.